We take consent seriously. Vasectomy should be considered non-reversible. There are alternative contraceptive options and sterilisation options for men and women.

The British Association of Urological Surgeons have published a detailed leaflet about vasectomy. Please read this prior to attending for your procedure.

Prior to your procedure you will be asked to sign a consent form. This details:

1) The procedure:


2) Details of procedure:

  • The intention of the operation is to make the man sterile and incapable of fathering a child.
  • The effect of the operation may not be reversible.
  • There is a very small possibility that the man may┬ábecome or remain fertile.
  • A negative sperm count must be obtained before abandoning other methods of contraception.

3) The potential risks:

Common (greater than 1 in 10)

  • A small amount of bruising and scrotal swelling is inevitable for several days
  • Seepage of a small amount of yellowish fluid from the incision several days later
  • Blood in the semen for the first few ejaculations
  • The procedure should be regarded as irreversible. Although vasectomy may be reversed, this is not always effective in restoring fertility, especially if more than 7 years have lapsed since the vasectomy
  • Sufficient specimens of semen must be produced after the operation until they have been shown to contain no motile (moving) sperms on two consecutive specimens
  • Contraception must be continued until no motile sperms are present in two consecutive semen samples
  • Chronic testicular pain or sperm granuloma (tender nodule at the site of surgery)

Occasional (between 1 in 10 and 1 in 50)

  • Significant bleeding or bruising requiring further surgery
  • Inflammation or infection of the testes or epididymis requiring antibiotic treatment

Rare (less than 1 in 50)

  • Early failure of the procedure to produce sterility (1 in 250-500)
  • Re-joining of vas ends, after negative sperm counts, resulting in fertility & pregnancy at a later stage (1 in 4000)

There is no evidence that vasectomy causes any long-term health risks (e.g.testicular cancer, prostate cancer)

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