Prof David Cranston

dcProf David Cranston  MA DPhil FRCS


Senior Lecturer in Surgery, Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences, University of Oxford

Consultant Urological Surgeon, Churchill Hospital, Oxford

Fellow of Green Templeton College, University of Oxford


David trained in Bristol and worked in Exeter and Bath before coming to Oxford in 1983 to do research in renal transplantation under the direction of Professor Sir Peter Morris. He was awarded his D.Phil in 1986 and after a clinical lecturer post in urology and transplantation was appointed consultant urological and transplant surgeon in 1991.  His special interest is in renal cancer and the urological complications of transplantation with national referral for some patients needing complex renal cancer surgery.

In 1992 he set up an research programme with Professor Adrian Harris, Director of the cancer research unit in Oxford and has co supervised many research students who have  carried out work in investigating bladder and kidney cancer. Several have won international awards for their work.

David’s main research interest in is High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU). This is a novel way of treating solid tumours using a non-invasive technique to cause local ablation. HIFU also has applications in other areas such as delivering drug therapy and vascular occlusion, as well as the potential for enhancing anti-tumour immunity. Oxford has established itself as one of the leading international academic centres for clinical HIFU research. The research programme initially centred on the HIFU unit at the Churchill Hospital, and is now expanding into a number of laboratory based projects around the University in both the translational and clinical setting.

David has performed over 2000 vasectomy procedures since 1986 in Oxford at the Elliot Smith Clinic.

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