Published literature

Much of the international  published literature on vasectomy has been produced from the Elliot-Smith Clinic which ran in Oxford for over 40 years.  Below is a selection of publications from Oxford on the subject.

The following publications give more detail about the guidelines on vasectomy and where most data on risks and complication rates are derived.


Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists guidelines on sterilisation (male and female)


  1. Complications of Vasectomy: A review of 16,000 Patients
    T Philp, J Guillbaud and D Budd
    British Journal of Urology (1984)
  2. The long-term outcome following “special clearance” after vasectomy
    AH Davies, RJ Sharp, D Cranston and RG Mitchell
    British Journal of Urology (1990)
  3. Temporary reappearance of sperm 12 months after vasectomy clearance.
    TS O’Brien, D Cranston, P Ashwin, E Turner, IZ MacKenzie, and J Guillbaud
    British Journal of Urology (1995)
  4. How reliable is vasectomy?
    N Haldar, D Cranston, E Turner, I MacKenzie and J Guillebaud
    Lancet (2000)
  5. The incidence of chronic scrotal pain after vasectomy: a prospective audit
    TA Leslie, RO Illing, DW Cranston and J Guillebaud
    British Journal of Urology International (2007)
  6. The incidence of chronic post-vasectomy scrotal pain – a prospective cohort study with a mean five years follow up.
    TA Leslie, RO Illing, R McCormick, J Guillebaud, D Cranston





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