The procedure

The testes (also known as testicles, gonads, balls, male reproductive organs), lie outside the body in a pouch of skin known as the scrotum. The sperm are passed from the testicles through a thin tube known as the vas deferens (vas) and with the secretions from the other glands in the body, form the ejaculate or seminal fluid. These tubes lie close to the skin on either side of the scrotum, and are therefore easily accessible. The operation itself involves the removal of a small section of these tubes. The operation usually takes between ten and twenty minutes.

Our surgeons use a non-scalpel technique for most patients which removes a piece from each vas (tube) through a single site in the scrotum. This is the technique recommended in the guidelines produced by the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology on male sterilisation.

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vasectomy diagram for website

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