GP referral

We offer a separate counselling service for all patients prior to performing vasectomy
(non-refundable fee £175).

We ask that all patients read the British Association of Urological Surgeons consent form.

Please bear in mind that the following patients will not normally be offered vasectomy:

  • men under 30 years of age
  • Men with a BMI more than 30 and/or weight more than 120kg.
  • men without children
  • men with only one child
  • men taking decisions during the pregnancy of a partner or when they have a child under 6 months in age
  • men taking decisions in reaction to the loss of a relationship
  • men who may be at risk of coercion by their partner or family or health or social welfare professionals
  • men in unstable relationships

Patients that fall into one or more of these categories  may be refused surgery at the discretion of the surgeon.

If patients wish to be considered for vasectomy please contact our secretaries to make an appointment.


01865 307733


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